We work with blogs quite often and apart from design and development we also do SEO, hence content suggestion and creation. We are not a PR company, but a digital marketing and communication agency, but we work with words on a daily basis and it hurts so, so much when we see butchered articles in the news or on the various blogs we follow and stumble upon.

The first suggestions we make to our clients are to get a trained person to write their blogs, before moving forward into design and development, otherwise our pretty works of art, get lost in the black hole. We will make a long list of short suggestions, which we consider extremely important if you wish to build a successful business.

writing tips
  1. Pay attention to punctuation. Use commas to make your articles easier to use.
  2. Do not edit when you are creating your first draft. Let your ideas flow and go over the article a second time. We are serious! Go over it a second time! Please! Or let somebody else do it!

If you cannot help editing while typing, switch off your monitor. You cannot edit what you cannot see. Or read aloud.

  1. Try to write for a few minutes daily, to keep practising and try to use new words in your trainings.
  2. Read yourself, before becoming a writer! You need a strong vocabulary and knowledge!
  3. Try to know the grammar rules in the language you write. There is nothing worse than an awesome idea with bad grammar.
  4. Remove as many adjectives from your text as possible. Try to write in a simple
  5. Start the article with a short sentence.
  6. Quote people you connect with.
  7. Be funny.
  8. Edit your older articles and pieces. You will notice that lots of them will be crap and as your writing style evolves, you will need to update some of your articles as well.

The one we cannot stress enough is sleep on your articles and publish them after you’ve had the chance to look at them a second time! Remember that what is out there on the Internet can never be deleted. It always exists somewhere!

With this in mind, we are looking forward to reading awesome articles!

Pictures by Jagoda Wisniewska

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