This article goes to answer a few of the questions some of the people we met throughout the years had. Many couples want to open businesses together, but are afraid. It is all right to be afraid and it is all right to argue, as long as you both love what you do with the same intensity. And in this case, Minthical and all the rest of its business areas are our favourites babies.

So, how is it to work as a team?

Well how can it be when you are already a team? It all works perfectly when we divide our tasks and act responsibly. Plus we have similar dreams for the company and wish to achieve as much as we possibly can, so working as a team is what can help bring the desired success closer.

What can also help is that we can be goofy when in need and we can communicate about everything. So good communication can save a team and make it stronger.

We are a strong team with big dreams and great achievements! What’s not to love?

Minthical founders

We believe the easiest is to divide tasks and have clear responsibilities so each have a clear idea and contributes in the best possible way to the company. We are building a modern company with a hint of conventional, especially to mould on the Romanian legal system, which was probably updated when my parents we born!

magda and dan

What happens when you don’t agree?

Well, more often than not, we do not agree on how to move forward, what to do with a project or how to approach a problem. Which only makes it easier to spot any kind of mistakes we can avoid for Minthical. Having to share ideas and act as a team member, helps us get our games on. Think of it as a sort of bouncy ball, which becomes fuzzier the more we toss it around. It ends  with one or the other and that person has to act and take care of the problem.

Magda and Dan

We are curious to know, how many of you have tried building a business and how did it go?

Minthical founders

Photos by Jagoda Wisniewska in the Lausanne and Bucharest mOffice.

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