We put a lot of emphasis on words in our blogs and try to get as many and as helpful as possible in each article. But overall our business focuses less on words and more on visual storytelling. After all, stories can be written in various ways and as long as people understand the gist, we consider ourselves successful. In this article, we will focus more on visuals and show you a few of our favourite designs.

We want to clarify what we mean by visual storytelling and basically this is a story told with the help of photography, illustrations or video and can be sometimes enhanced with the help of graphics, music, voice or audio. Here is an example of a short visual storytelling, just to explain what Minthical is.

And here a few more examples of imagery we like and which speaks to us. These are all chosen from our portfolio and are just a few of the projects we are allowed to show publicly. There are a few more that we love, but cannot yet show.

visual story telling
visual story telling

There is so much you can do with visual storytelling and replace words. This remains a form of communication, one that could appeal to more people that words do, but one that could be more effective and more interesting for most customers. We recommend visual communication both in your personal and public lives. When words do not come easily, an image can always save the day!



Magda is a dreamer & an enthusiastic writer, in love with turquoise and traveling. She dislikes artichokes, is an avid worker and goals achiever, a proud Romanian and a vintage enthusiast.