If you are looking for inspiration for your next collection, or for that wall you want to paint in your living room, your portfolio, website, coffee shop and so on, you might have to start by choosing the color you want to use. Of course, you have to like the color, it will be much more pleasant afterwards when you are going to be looking at it constantly, but nothing wrong in trying to follow the trends and choosing one of the colors of 2017!

Towards the end of every year is the same, color trends are announced by website designers, influential designers and fashion magazines and of course by Pantone that often creates and names specific tones that you will then see reflecting all over through clothes, furniture, notepads to interiors details. The list is endless.

colour of the year

All this, is normally decided throughout conferences and workshops all over the world where participants will test colors in different products in order to choose future trends. These participants are equipped with PowerPoint presentations, cards and many other materials that will help them present their stories; the stories of their colors choices. 64 colors will be then selected and divided into groups attached to geographic zones/areas. From that, they will come up with color “directions” or trends, colors that will generate lots of money and that will turn into various collections of different kinds of products.

But, coming back to 2017 the colors you could go for are Dusky blue, Blue-Green, Yellow, Mineral Gray, Light Blue, Pastel Pink, Aarthy Green, Beige, Khaki, and Taupe. Finally, for Pantone, the color of 2017 is “greenery”. So there you have it. Be inspired, but be true to yourself and your concept, that’s the best color.

*This article contains experts from LA Times article ” How, exactly, does a ‘color of the year’ get chosen? Published on the 2nd December 2015.

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