Autumn is a time for harvest. We gather interesting ideas in our basket and try to attend as many events as possible. One event we are always waiting for is Webstock.
In 2018, the largest social media conference in Romania, Webstock, has celebrated a decade of existence. Every year the event brings together the passionate community of digital and social media and manages to gather opinion leaders and highlight important topics.
Why not better have a quick look at the nice things that happened during this year’s edition?


Webstock started with a session dedicated to the life stories of guests who inspired us through their experiences and hard work.
The day continued with specialized sessions, divided into three thematic scenes – digital, marketing, communication and social media.
The long-awaited finale was the awards ceremony which offers recognition to some of the most creative projects in the online environment, launched in Romania in the last year.

Inspirational speakers

Cultivate your curiosity and follow it! Always try doing something new and solutions will come! You will never ever get bored again! This is what Cornel Amariei, a pioneer of innovation and inventor of glasses for blind people, recommends us. At the age of 3 he learned to read and by the age of 14 he had already received his first medal for inventions. His current mission? Meaning in innovation.

In Romania everybody knows her. Journalist Andreea Esca is a vivid example of what the words “classic is fantastic” stand for. A true professional fueled by passion, she is always guided by her mother’s words – “Whatever profession you may choose, do it perfectly!”. The secret to her never-ending energy? She charges her batteries through people. We discovered a really warm, natural and optimistic person who breathes through all her pores passion and dedication.

Social media guru Alexandru Negrea, rocked the stage with valuable insight on the latest trends in content marketing and social media. Video content is one of the fastest growing trends in the industry and that makes it a top priority. A mini recipe for efficiency? Instagram stories every day, a weekly Facebook live, IGTV. While promoting a product it is important to evaluate the available resources, analyze the competition, set long-term objectives, define very clearly the target audience and, of course, constantly measure the results for optimization.


Who else rocked the stage?

Photographer Mihaela Noroc, the creator of “The Atlas of Beauty”, delighted us with her story about courage and reinvention, reminding us just how important it is to trust our own strengths. After resigning, she started travelling on her own, in search of beauty without borders. The collection of portraits of women from all over the world is a landmark in promoting cultural diversity and an urge for love and empathy.

Communication expert Monica Jitariuc raises the issue of execution as a main strategy and urges us to be patient. By mastering the art of patience online and offline, we will have more time for a proper documentation, consistency, relevance and maybe we will share less information but think and create more. She proposes a system of values: better, more seldom, more beautiful, more meaningful. She even goes so far and asks us to look around, to be better and more generous. Almost everything can be delivered. Except for happiness.

An electrifying presence was also Cabral, a television man, blogger and promoter of good deeds. A talented orator, he made us laugh but at the same time gave us a subject to reflect on – We have a limited time. How do we choose to use it – for good or bad purposes? Is the time spent online really productive? Does it mean anything in the real world?


Final thoughts
What did Webstock give us? Lots of knowledge and interesting ideas, inspiration and great vibes. We understood how important it is to integrate the offline and online media into a model that would help convey messages better and also drive action.

Why come to Webstock? For networking and valuable connections, for projects and stories, for inspiration and innovation.

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