We had a few clients this year who decided to move to being independent and they all come to ask us if their business has potential and will become successful. This is a question we cannot answer straight as there are so many factors we need to take into consideration before being able to give an answer.

Here are a few business ideas that were quite successful in 2017. These are presented in a random order.

  1. Cateye Sunglasses

We love sunglasses and feel that 2017 has been the year for sunglasses. Cateye sunglasses are super trendy. There are 3.5 billion sunglasses sold worldwide and we definitely see a potential here. An easier way to promote your business faster, is to tap into the influencers marketing. Either by offering a commission for selling these glasses or pay a fee so these products get sold on their profiles, you will want to collaborate with influencers to promote your new business.

  1. Matcha Tea

Tea is a very popular drink and it seems it is the most popular after water. Studies show that 80% of American households drink tea. So, it is only natural that matcha tea has become immensely popular in the last years. Its nutritional benefits and all the antioxidants it contains helps improve metabolism and detoxes you. It is amazing just as a simple tea, in shakes or even in desserts. We can all see the potential a matcha tea business has and there are a few places that probably need some more opportunities and new business ideas. Try a matcha business and let us know how it goes!

startup business ideas 2018


This is one of the best examples we can give you of a growing trend. We know people outside any industry that would need drones for work, that owe more than one drone just for fun. So, you can imagine how popular drones are becoming. The latest craze is the selfie drone idea, which could really become the next big thing. It allows you to take pictures of yourselves without the need of a selfie stick. How awesome is that?


It is expected that 2018 will bring 141 million units of sales of smartwatches. These have become increasingly popular and brought a lot of sales to the big players. While others might say the market becomes saturated and one cannot really compete with the big players, there is always room for more and for better. There is always room for innovation on this field and we are really excited to see what’s next.

5.Beard Oil

This is a cool one and with the continuous beard trends, it is only natural that businesses start catering for such needs. There are many successful businesses already and a lot of sales are being recorded in the men toiletry industry with billions going towards beard oils. While this business is already quite competitive, there is always room for some more competition and new players on the market. Show us your before and after pictures with your new beard oil products and we guarantee you will start getting some new customers. After all, who doesn’t love a beard? But who doesn’t love a well-groomed beard?

These are just a few ideas that we really found cool last year and wanted to share with you. But there are many more than that and perhaps 2018 will bring even cooler ideas for businesses. We are really curious to see what works and what doesn’t this year, but we are sure that hard work and proper advertising will bring your business to the success you dream of.

What cool new business do you guys know?

startup business ideas

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