Today is an exciting day in terms of branding – Uber announced its rebranding. Much like a few months ago when Google updated its logo, it will probably cause lots of clamour and noise.  Before we get into the Uber rebranding, let’s briefly look at the previous year or so, which was littered with brands switching from their traditional and recognisable logos to flat sans-serif logotypes. A few examples below:


This isn’t to criticise these logos, but to point out that there was a certain trend in logo design last year, of moving from the more complex to the more simple. Uber, on the other hand, went a very different way. Instead of simplifying, the Uber rebranding focuses on expanding the brand. All of this is explained in a press-release on their website.

First, the logo itself will be different. Instead of thin white text on black, it is black-on-white, bolder, and without the awkward serif on the U:

Next, there is the bit. This will be integrated into the design framework of the company, already seen on its website.

Third, the atom. A design pattern unique to each location where Uber operates. This will make the service feel much more intimate and local, especially compared to the stark serious white-on-black brand it was.  Here’s China:

And here’s Ireland:

Finally, two new app icons, for the rider and for the driver. Can you guess which one is which?

Overall, this is a huge overhaul on Uber’s part and could be very helpful in having the service accepted on a local level. What do you think of it?

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