Job satisfaction has been defined in many different ways. According to management and motivation specialists, overall job satisfaction correlates not only with the material rewards offered by the company but also with a low-stress level and a set of challenges that keeps work interesting and allows employees to retain a certain amount of autonomy.

It is also known that people tend to be more satisfied with their jobs when they get along with their co-workers and with their direct supervisors. Job security is yet another important job-satisfaction factor because employees tend to work better when they don’t have to worry about losing their jobs.
We have selected some of the companies most people would love to work for, according to Forbes and other publications:

The tech giant spoils its workers with numerous perks and a great lifestyle. Facebook employees are very happy because they feel free (they are often encouraged to question and criticize their managers) and they receive more money than Google employees (an experienced worker at Facebook gets $135,000 per year compared to $133,000 at Google). What more could you possibly ask for?

The sneaker maker recently transitioned from relying mostly on traditional retailers (like Foot Locker) to selling more directly to consumers through their online platform. Working at Nike is great because workers are highly intelligent, talented and creative, there is a high degree of autonomy with little leadership and feedback on performance. The overall atmosphere is laid back and comfortable, everybody is understanding and friendly.

Decathlon is also a great company to work for in 2018 for because the jobs offer a high level of autonomy and responsibility, personal and professional development are prioritized for every team member, the salary and benefits are great (employees also receive free clothing). It is a fun workplace with high energy that encourages people to develop their skills and advance in their career.

If you enjoy working in a fast-paced environment, where you can have lots of fun with amicable coworkers and learn a lot about management and customer service, then Starbucks is ideal for you. Starbucks offers extensive training and plenty of resources to all new employees, whether starting as a barista or being hired into a leadership position. All positions are well compensated, especially when considering the benefits.

Adobe Systems
Judging by the high employee satisfaction ratings, Adobe is one of the greatest companies to work for in 2018. The perks and programs (flexible schedules, compressed work weeks, parental leave benefits, health insurance) offered to its employees and the great overall atmosphere at work are the main reasons for Adobe employees’ satisfaction. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

In search of an interesting, challenging job that pays well? If you ever join Oracle, you will become a part of a great professional organization that encourages its employees to think out of the box and come up with fresh ideas in their own line of business or outside of it. You will benefit from outstanding training programs held by the best trainers and coaches and you will be a part of a great multicultural team.

The sales and marketing software maker is known to offer its employees great growth opportunities, as well as important benefits and perks. Permanent transparency with employees and a strong management team are also important reasons that make Hub Spot one of the top employers in the world. According to Glassdoor reviews, people working at HubSpot are super smart, hardworking and fun, the atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable.

Google is said to be the best place to work in America and perhaps only Facebook could dethrone the search giant. According to a recent survey, 86% of Google employees seem to be extremely satisfied with aspects of compensation, job satisfaction, and job meaning. The development opportunities, exciting products, great management and amazing perks are the aspects that increased staff satisfaction.

The Salesforce team is made of smart, motivated, and talented people. Company representatives claim that their amazing team is the greatest competitive advantage. The great atmosphere that prevails, the rewards, the excellent communication and the great challenges offered to the staff placed Salesforce in FORTUNE’S Top 100 Best Companies to Work For.

LinkedIn is an awesome place to work mainly because they really care about their employee’s health and wellbeing. The cool offices, substantial benefits (gyms, healthcare benefits and pretty generous holidays) and good pay also amount to the satisfaction of LinkedIn employees.

Even if you have not landed your dream job yet, it’s not late. You can send us your resume if you’re looking for a workplace where you can have fun, learn new skills and advance in your career. We get inspired by the best employers and continuously improve employee wellbeing and engagement to sustain business performance. Let’s make a great 2018 together!

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