As any other community, our office has not been spared the collective munching on chips while working, sneaky chocolates trips to out “hidden” cupboard and constant visits to the bakery downstairs. For no other reason that the fact that we are friends with the baker there and want to say bonjour! Every day! We are very polite indeed. Until we all gained a few kilos and got slightly worried, with the warm weather and all.

To make matters worse, we all feel like tasks never end and feel constantly tired. As we abuse coffee on a daily basis, we have decided to go for something healthier. An almost natural opiate, or at least this is how we feel after one too many matchas! Matcha has come in our lives recently and with it all its cousins from black to white tea in all shades and favours possible. We are family people. Can’t leave anyone behind.

So, from 5 coffees a day we went to coffee, matcha, black tea, green tea and to top off mint tea before the bell rings and we should go home. Plain, with lemon, with milk, with honey or agave syrup and even chai! Yep, we got that too.  Anything you can mix and match will do. It suffices to have one of us shimmer an idea in the office and the rest will apply it. We wonder, should we add biscuits and scones to out tea moments? This is also how we are in business. Ideas flow, plans start, projects shine, team smiles!

We should really get a client in the tea business. You will see then all we have learnt from our constant sprees to our tea room. We can tell you now for sure, we will never give up coffee but we are working on getting healthier and wish to remain permanently young. Oh and tea time is perfect gossip time! We all need news from time to time!


Next step, team yoga and meditation at the office!

tea revolution

Pictures by Jagoda Wisniewska

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