The chapter we tackle today refers to the oh so annoying emails we get randomly form various companies and especially from all the shops we surf online. You make the mistake of subscribing to a newsletter for a 10CHF off your first order and you are then bombarded with tons of emails, every Sunday night. And everyone says these emails are useless and they never really read them, or even worse, they simply unsubscribe.

So why do companies still send such automated emails? Haven’t they learnt their lesson with all the un-subscribers they get with every new batch of emails?

Well there are a few reasons why brands love to send automated emails:

1.Bring people back to your brand

You can encourage people to return to your brand after a long absence with a quick email to remind them to are still there and still strong. It is recommendable to make sure that email send an important message and has a purpose, otherwise people will not appreciate the disturbance.

2.Great connection with loyal customers

Show your loyal customers that you appreciate and know them and that they are your first thought. Use emails to reward your customers, respond to your subscribers, or even thank first time customers to show them they matter and to get to know them better.

3.Higher chances of sales

The more your customers hear and remember about you, the higher chances you have for them to remember you when in need. Whether you sell products or services, we all need and would prefer to be in our client’s minds whenever they are in need of the services we provide or products we sell.

4.Reach the right people with the right target

If you follow up on your automated emails and check the statistics at the end, you have higher chances of studying your customers behaviour. This will help you target their needs better in the future emails you will send and will improve your relationship with your customers.

5.It is very easy to build and create your email

We highly recommend Mailchimp as the best email marketing tool. They have a very easy and user-friendly system to use and are working on bringing improvements every day. Which is something that I love, as you often start using a cool system you simply love, and end up paying for a huge subscription and not being able to use it in 6 months. With Mailchimp, you can create your template and reuse it for all your future emails. Plus it is free of charge until you get to 2000 people on your list of subscribers, which is great for new businesses.

In order for your campaigns to be efficient don’t forget the next rules:

  1. use simple words
  2. design a clean page
  3. write relatively short emails
  4. use links for a quick access
  5. don’t send emails too often

If you follow these rules, you cannot but we successful with your email marketing automation! And remember, any extra thing you do, can bring you closer to your next customer, as long as all you do stays professional and on brand!

Good luck with your campaigns!


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