Or almost no money. We had 500 CHF to work with when we opened our company. So, I figured I should tell you all about our start so you see that you don’t need loads of money if you have a good idea and work your network until you start making some more money! Here is how we did it!

It all started at the beginning of 2013 when Dan and I worked together on a project I had to do for school. As he had some experience in branding and marketing and he was also studying these topics, and I had none, he helped me learn how to design, how to create logos, flyers and even websites. I enjoyed my project very much and since we worked so well together and we found a common passion, we shortly decided that this needs to be our business.

Magda and Dan

We started making to do lists with all that we would need to be able to start the business and to be able to work with clients. Our lists were endless but we soon realized that the most important aspect was getting an identity and registering the company so we can be taken more seriously. We kept the name dg (dan gheorghe) and added design as we already had a logo for dg and went with it to the Commerce Registry and registered our company in half an hour. The only money we needed to put in, was the fee we had to pay to register the company. At this point we had a third partner and we did the registration together.

That was it. We registered our company and were ready to get clients. We approached Poste Finance to create a bank account and they offered a very good start-up package with no fees to be paid for the first year and attempted to create a quick website for us so we can present ourselves and mission a bit. Wasn’t much what we had, but did all we could to get going. We both had studies to focus on, as well as building a small business and trying to get clients.

The clients part we haven’t figured out at this point so what we did was to speak to every friend we had about our adventure and to focus a bit on social media to get better known. And it worked! Our friends knew some people who needed to open some small businesses for themselves. These clients knew that we were working out of our apartment and accepted it. We had a few meetings and moved on to discussing our first projects: a few logos, some marketing materials and a website! Imagine that! We did not charge much, but were extremely excited to start working.

Dan and I worked together on the marketing material and also did our first website. We struggled a bit but learnt online all we could to perform well in our first project. We have also used a freelancer to help us draft the first design and make it more professional. And that was it. First project done, first payment received and some money spent on a freelancer that helped make everything better.

start a business

The first experience was when we learnt what parts we should all take in the project, what we were good at and how we should divide work in order to make things better. At this stage Dan focused more on getting new clients and bringing new projects, I focused on current client relationship and we all worked and did bits and pieces for our projects, until we soon realized: We were not enough anymore!

Minthical Team Ro
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Magda is a dreamer & an enthusiastic writer, in love with turquoise and traveling. She dislikes artichokes, is an avid worker and goals achiever, a proud Romanian and a vintage enthusiast.