For those who are wondering, #MidDayCasualTalk is our way of finding what’s happening with each of our colleagues #ByDay and #ByNight, before and after working hours. A bunch of interviews/talks about advertising, passions, hobbies & our unique way of doing things.

So, ladies & gents’, we are breaking the ice with our first colleague, Radu. This is why we call this first MDCT #RaduEdition.

Each MDCT episode will start with a short …

Who are you right now in one sentence?
A normal guy with an abnormally hard time getting up in the morning. It takes about 7 alarms. I’m not quiet or calm, just really sleepy.


What’s your day-to-day job?
I’m a planner. I look at what I’m selling, at people’s behavior, try to find an interesting insight and they inspire all the crafty creative people I work with


How did you get where you are right now?
I have studied civil engineering after high school but realized it wasn’t for me. It took quite a long time to decide what I wanted to do next. I’ve always been attracted by human behavior and social mechanisms and stuff like that but I didn’t know how to make anything of it until one day I was looking for a bookmark and noticed I had saved quite a lot of ad campaigns. This was back when StumbleUpon was still a thing. So I re-enrolled into college at 26 but this time I went for advertising and communication. I did a few internships here and there and got my first job in an agency in my third year.


The first habit in the morning (skip the phone part :D)?
A big cup of coffee and read the news. Sometimes, I blast some loud music – it helps me wake up.


A most common question that people ask you…
So, you write the ads? Most people outside the industry don’t realize there’s a whole process to advertising. It’s either that or “Do you guys use psychological tricks to make the ads work?”


Are you a CATologist or a DOGologist?
I am more of a cat person if I had to choose one.


A lesson learned as a CATologist / DOGologist…
Let them come to you, the harder you try, the more you push away


One piece of advice that you would like to share with us (and from where you got it).
Be the devil’s advocate, even for things you don’t agree with. It’s the best way so see the whole story.


Last song you have listened to…
Maeva in Wonderland – Ibrahim Maalouf


Your guilty pleasure…

Just because you can handle it and it works out doesn’t mean you really like it.

Radu – Strategist @ Minthical

He is Radu Stănescu also known as Stane, a nickname he acquired in high school. #ByDay is a Strategist, he takes the pieces of the puzzle and gives them logic, and meaning. He graduated from the Faculty of Communication but not before trying the Constructions one. #ByNight or after work he plays the guitar and explores Bucharest.
He is happy to have friends who take him seriously even when they shouldn’t. And that’s how he got the doggo-mascot-super-colorful-and-pretty-ugly that makes his day better.

Some people have a multitude of alarms (like you and me) and those who have a single alarm and wake up, the latter seems impossible to me. What do you think?

Do you know what the interesting thing is? If I do something stupid and go to bed at 2 or 3 or 4 and I have to wake up at 7, I don’t know how but I manage to wake up right away. If I go to bed like a normal person at 11 and have to wake up at 7 …. no … I can’t, just by a miracle.
I think it’s a matter of responsibility, especially if it’s a matter of doing something that’s not necessarily for me.

Do you remember a time when the alarm sabotaged your life?

Like not waking up at all? No, but I remember when I was 19 and I was in the first faculty, the Construction, and I think I had the first colloquium. There was a power outage and, the tram stopped, and I spent half an hour with the tram in the middle of nowhere.
I thought then that it doesn’t matter if I wake up on time or not, sometimes even it’s not about you, it’s about luck.


Now that you have brought the Faculty of Constructions into the discussion, for those who don’t know, Radu has graduated from two universities!

One and a half :))


Ok! Let’s see, if we were to give an announcement to the newspaper, what data would we have: Was the Faculty of Construction completed with a degree?

Nope …


Has the Faculty of Communication been completed with a degree?



Ok. So the announcement would sound: Radu, a 30+-year-old young and handsome man, tried to graduate from the Construction University and completed the Communication one.

Exact. My father is a Construction Engineer and if my friends during the summer, we were going to the countryside with their grandparents, I would get in the car with my father and go to the construction site, where his projects were happening. It was a cool time, we were hanging out like boys. Sometimes my father used me as a “whip” because I was starting to learn certain things from that industry. He was seen as “the bad guy” when we were showing up on the construction site because his role was to check if the team was working on the same thing that was on paper, that the reality was the same as the project.

I think that even now if I look on the ground, I can realize the granulometry of the gravel. Sometimes, when he didn’t get along with the people on the construction site, he would do this:
– Come on, Radu,  tell us what’s on the ground?
– Gravel of 43
– Mkay! And how old are you?
– 14 years old…
– Mkay! So this one has 14 y.o and he knows but we don’t ?! Well, what do we do? Why doesn’t it work? Where do we get stuck?

So I grew up with that. My family didn’t push me in the construction area in any way, but that’s what I knew to do at that moment. I was good at this technical environment, exact sciences, but just because you can handle it and it works out doesn’t mean you really like it.

So at one point, I realized I didn’t want to do this with my life.

You said I don’t wanna be the Chief of Gravel Department :))

Exactly! I don’t wanna be the Chief of Gravel Department.
But look, it was a vanity thing because I liked the idea of ​​walking down the streets and saying, “Hey, do you see that building? I did it!” #smug
There is still part of this vanity in advertising.


Now, instead of showing a building, you are showing an advertisement!

Yes, yes. A billboard, a poster, anything. “Hey, look! see that billboard? I did it”


There is something you learned during the technical university that helps you right now?

I was left with some useful stuff, not necessarily the reinforced concrete formula (laughs). But I learned to think in sequences, which now, in advertising,  helps me to maintain a thread, a storyline.


My math teacher told me at one point “Alexandra, what is known is well known! And no one can take that from you!” That’s why I think the reinforced concrete formula can help you more than you think. Imagine you have a client in a construction agency. You are 40 steps ahead, from the strategy point of view :))

Now that you say that, yes. Once, I was assigned a small project that came into the agency just because “You know better than technical stuff, you were there once!”


Good! So you did Communication. But I’d like to ask you directly about your first project in the industry of advertising. I know that at one point I was talking about a liver pate. I hope I remember well …

Oh, geez! Yes, you do remember well. I think I had just finished my first year in advertising, and it was the last edition of the AdFel Festival. I saw the call on iqads. ro. It was a contest where you have to make fun of one of the biggest clichés in commercials, using the two emblematic characters of that brand.

I got a mention for The Most Realistic Fainosag* (*n.r. an invented word by that brand, defining sort of “awesomeness” as a special ingredient for their recipe).

I can’t say that I made the first money in advertising, but I definitely made my sort of trick-or-treating

* you can see the spot here

In another competition, I won a GoPro. But this time I was with the idea and others with the execution.


So, we are not talking about the first money from advertising but about the first material benefits. :)) Listen, what’s the deal strategy? And look, I have a challenge for you: if you were to explain to an 8-year-old what a Strategist’s job is?

The strategist is the man who gives the homework, after reading the brief, about the client, the product, the service. The strategist is the one who after doing the research and goes to the creative department and tells them “You have to talk about this …”

(insert here some childish voice) So, Mr. Radu, so wait a minute. Did you say that the Strategist gives the homework? You mean, like school homework ?! Ew! Do you mean math problems?

Like school homework, but no math problems …


(insert here some childish voice) Well, then? That I only have problems and narrative exercises at school.

Exactly, narrative exercises turned into brand stories…

(we played this game for about 10 minutes and we concluded that a Strategist is a man who tells people what to do, but with love.)


If Netflix were to make a mini-series about your life, what would it be called and what genre would it be?

The title would be “Eclectic” and the genre: comedy sprinkled here and there with accents of drama and action.


Which actor would play your role?

Well, they’re not really short actors, so …


Look, there is Peter Dinklage.

Oh, yeah! That’s right. I will say yes to him anyway because I really like him.


What would the end be like? More to Huh! or more to Awww !?

Let’s say more to Awww! I would say a happy ending. Noooo … actually, an optimistic ending!


And now, in conclusion, what is something that you really enjoy doing and brings you happiness and that has absolutely nothing to do with advertising

Well, I like to walk. There was a time when I was exploring a neighborhood for an entire (such as Capital Quarter, Armenian Quarter, French Quarter). I grew up in this city and I love Bucharest very much. And, the second thing is that I like to play the guitar.

And one more as a bonus for you: I like my friend Fifty. I told my friends I saw a dog in a shop window and it’s so ugly I have to have it. It wasn’t long before my best friend bought it for me while complaining that I didn’t have enough color in the house. Now I do! :))

Alexandra Bajan