World Health Organization


A research effort in 53 countries supervised by the Department of Reproductive Health and Research from the World Health Organization has been translated into GLOSS, a global study aiming to suspect, treat and prevent maternal and neonatal sepsis.

Our role here, at Minthical, was to create a new website page dedicated to raising awareness among healthcare providers about the life-threatening impact of maternal sepsis. Putting relevant information together in a systematic and meaningful way was our method of delivering engaging content.

For purposes such as readability and functionality, we emphasized on the visual structure of how information should be organized. Structuring essential data such as statistics, symptoms, and recommendations has given a new dimension to the message and has proven to be essential to the communication strategy.

We have thus been able to contribute to sharing the STOP SEPSIS campaign by developing resources such as infographics, posters and explanatory leaflets, useful for both healthcare providers and patients. It is also worth noting that this valuable information has been made available in various languages, including French, Vietnamese, Russian or Arabic.

Working on this project has helped us to realize once again how important healthcare is and how we should all be more involved in the causes that matter and, most importantly, always be informed.