the creative space


Meet Sofia Clara, a Swiss lifestyle blogger who aims to inspire people to create a life they love, using only what they’ve got.

The idea that keeps everything in motion revolves around promoting a happy handmade and homemade way of life.

The blog is a creative space that shares Do it Yourself decor ideas, recipes, fashion and beauty favorites as well as insights into the life of a creative entrepreneur.

Preparing to inspire people requires communicating at the highest level.

In order to establish a strong and cohesive brand, we assumed the role of taking over the website and edit its “voice” so that the message could be spread easily and reach its young audience faster.

It’s all about making the landing page more invigorating and impactful while promoting the floral and girly vibe of the brand.

In addition to maintaining a consistent look & feel by using light, bright, airy whites and pastels, we ensured everything was perfectly formatted and aligned, using clear white borders around the blog posts and adjusting the navigation bar with the main blog categories.

For a unitary and recognizable look, we decided to use a horizontal banner to start each blog post, and in this way to accommodate also a long title if needed.

Moving forward, we worked on providing a mobile-friendly website, with a perfect cross-browser compatibility and a quick loading time. We then focused our attention on creating a professional business card that would reflect the brand’s shining style and warm personality.

Working with Sofia Clara has really inspired us to be more creative, try new things and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Spreading positivity feels so good!