the rebranding


Nuproxa is a Swiss company that operates in the animal feed industry with a clear mission to deliver the most cost-effective, natural and nutritional health solutions.
Ever since it was founded, back in 2007, nature has been the primary source of inspiration to provide sustainable and reliable products with quality proved through extensive testing.
With this in mind, Nuproxa believes that natural supplements are a valuable source of nutrients and truly represent, in their complexity, an excellent alternative to meet the challenges of animal nutrition.

One of Minthical’s first project deliverables was to develop a new, differentiated identity in the minds of the consumers and distributors by creating a set of brochures that would communicate the new name of the company.
We continued filling the gaps by working on product presentations, a methodical process that involved a careful strategy, memorable visuals, all of which, combined with product specifications such as composition, mode of action, studies and results would speak at unison for capturing the customer’s attention and trust.

We prepared all documents for print and therefore gave a lot of consideration to alignment and formatting, font colors and headings, positioning all elements accordingly.

In order to offer a wider view over Nuproxa’s unique mix of products, we also developed an attractive product catalogue, available in different sizes and formats with a clear and professional message but also with a very vivid and representative imagery.
Rebranding also implies creating a fresh new business card that would help the brand differentiate itself from its competitors through solid communication that could provide future interactions with potential customers and eventually lead to long term collaborations.

For millions of years animals and plants have made a great team and Nuproxa understands and respects this relationship. We love that they are so committed to fulfilling their legacy to cherish life, nature, ethics and well-being through such an innovative and sustainable approach.