empowering a giant brand on SM

You might have heard of Nespresso before, they are after all probably the biggest name in high-end coffee pods. As a high-tier brand, they show great quality not just in their products, but also in their marketing and communication as well. Our job was to take what already made them great and spread it to as many people as possible on social media.

The content had to be crisp and beautiful, with the same understated yet easy elegance people associate with the brand. But how do you do that? You could describe the taste, the texture and the aroma but people are not going to feel them just because of a picture and a text.

You often see descriptions like “roasted for X amount of time, at precisely Y degrees and best boiled at Z to get the optimal taste.” That sounds like a hassle at home. While the process may be true and have value, there’s little in it for the average consumer. They rarely care about the process and tend to focus more on the end result: a tasty cup of coffee they can have now! A truly great coffee can boost you up and give you a warm feeling, no matter when or where.

That was the very idea we built all content on.

Instead of focusing on palpable attributes, we focused on feeling and atmosphere. The product was never supposed to stand out, but complete the picture like it belonged there. A good espresso is there between the documents when you’re working, between the two of you when you’re having a serious conversation, or maybe you’re just having a little downtime at home.

Of course taste is important, but you rarely remember a good tasting coffee simply because it was good. The one you remember is the one you had at a particular time in a particular place and did actually enrich the moment.

Then there is something completely unique about Nespresso that you can’t ignore. They were the ones to invent the coffee pods, so they have to appear every once in a while. Of course, there are other brands that use the technology, but the name is synonymous with coffee in a capsule.

On its own, a pod isn’t the most appealing thing to see, but if you place it next to a cup, you immediately tell a story about ease and convenience without saying a single word. And the pods are color coded! Different blends have different colors, so they quickly became something we could play with during our photo-shoots. We used them to draw shapes or paint the background, or even just add a little something here and there.

After more than 40 years on the market, Nespresso doesn’t need bells and whistles to stand out. They have a great brand and a great product, so all they really needed was just somebody who could enforce that.