A board game full of adventure

What if we say there is a way to impersonate a character and feel the thrills of adventure? That’s what board games can do and it’s really interesting how a simple cardboard but with a great design can provide such elaborate experiences.

Mini Miners is a board family game taking place over 3 rounds each divided in 4 main phases. Each player will recruit their team of dwarves and develop their strategy as well as possible by choosing the right equipment and creating the most efficient combos between their abilities. What’s the stake? Escape the mine safely with the gold!
Pretty exciting, right?

You know us…we love games 😊. This is why we loved working on such a playful project that put our inner game geek abilities on a roll.
Our main mission was to ensure that all components would be securely snuggled in an eye-catching package, following the graphic narrative at all times.
While working we kept in mind that readability and effectiveness during gameplay are important elements to be considered. And paying attention to details is just as important if we wish to enhance the gaming experience.


People judge books by their covers. This principle applies to board games as well. The box design is truly iconic and also very important in the board game industry, as it plays a huge part in the decision-making process. We focused on a consistent design, simple, clear, but cool with a contrasting title that would catch everyone’s eye and also blend in smoothly with the rest of the cover. Sizes, fonts, angles, colors, shapes – they all were calculated and thoroughly analyzed to get one perfect arrangement and create a dynamic world which would express the personality of the game.

After unboxing, the physical elements of the game – tool cards, event cards, pawns, punchboard, rulebooks – take the stage.
Each card was carefully designed, in terms of readability and effect for every language made available. The symbols were visually enhanced and placed in the top left-hand corner as much as possible, the text easy to read and the layout clean, distinctive and clear, no matter the orientation around the table.
We worked on the design of the pawns, we ensured the right thickness of the board and placed elements and cut lines in a manner that would make the board look smooth and visually attractive and playful.
Following the typography’s instructions and manufacturer guidelines, we worked on the printable versions of each element, and ensured also realistic 3d visualizations, for Facebook banners or kick-starter presentations.

What do we love most about board games? The fact that they are not solitary activities, and they are social by nature because they require players to interact meaningfully with other players.
The imagination is unfolding, the senses are in full alert, strategies are assembled, and fun keeps on growing.