Medicines Patent Pool

dynamism in an annual report

2020 market 10 years since the launch of the Medicines Patent Pool, an UN-backed public health organization aiming to increase access to medicine in low-and middle-income countries. As the case is with such institutions, it was time for the yearly activity report, but this one had to be special. We are talking about an anniversary after all. There was already a concept in place for the report “A decade of making medicines accessible – 18 billion doses of treatment in 10 years” so our job was to tie it all together into something that is both celebratory and informational.

The MPP’s work spans across the globe and engages the civil society as well as governments and other international organizations. Its modus operandi is one of collaboration and inclusivity towards all people from all walks of life. Instead of simply stating it, the report showed it from beginning to end by using a mix of photos featuring authentic characters of all ages and cultural background. This way, even if you missed this detail in the initial description, you would still get an idea by simply skimming the document.

The number ten became a motif to be used throughout and the circle derived from it began gaining multiple significances. On one hand it could be considered a link in the chain that ties everything together, it includes all countries and people, it resembles our circular planet and when you think about, hugs create a circle as well.

The dominant color of the report was blue, as it represents the organization’s branding, giving it a striking impression. A light blue hue was over imposed on all photos for continuity and a bright yellow was used to draw attention to the anniversary because of its good contrast. Deep colours appear sparingly to facilitate readability but every once in a while, there would be a vibrant splash to convey the sense of celebration.

In the end, the desired effect was reached. Although it’s an official document, the report flows in a way that is easy to read and looks more like a magazine, than paperwork. And it further has its own digital version: focusing a lot on interactivity and user experience to take the reader on a journey through all the relevant data.