the intricate story


The King of Improvisation is a Swiss multiplayer card game that invites players to express themselves and tell a story in any creative way they may choose: a tale, a song, a poem or an anecdote. The game has been designed as a creator of emotions for all ages, from 6 to 90 years old, because age is simply irrelevant when having fun.
The best part is that you get different levels of the game in the same box.

Thanks to its flexibility, the game is adapted to both beginners and more demanding players, enabling them to increase the complexity if and whenever they wish. It’s also great for telling evening stories to your kids!

How do you play it?

Each player has a limited time to improvise and tell a story as funny or dramatic as possible, using the elements from the cards received. There are no limits to the form and style of the story, but rules and bonus-penalties may shake things up at some point, so be prepared to adapt.

The game is available in 4 languages and has applicability in the professional and educational area, as a creative support for personal coaching, language learning or building self-confidence.

We had a blast working on giving this game a fresh and modern look, but at the same time deliver a clear, explicit and appropriate message for every age and respecting branding.

We put a lot of energy in the cover design of the box, as game boxes are always tricky and represent sometimes a challenge for a designer that needs to balance the game’s content with enough entertainment to catch the eye.
We also covered part of the illustrations, as we were actively involved in the DTP settings.

We ensured the color harmonization and font management to provide the best optimization and made all necessary corrections to avoid any incompatibility.

If you want to win the title of King of Improvisation and share some nice moments and laughter, you are welcome to embark on a wonderful trip to the world of fantasy and imagination!
Ready? Play!