Les Perrières

a love letter to wine

Who doesn’t love a dinner filled with good wine and great company? We definitely do, so we decided that this article would be all about wine. And website rebranding.
Loving wine takes time. With a 220 years tradition in wine-growing, the Domaine Les Perrières, now run by Bernard Rochaix, is famous for its unique vineyard, nestled in the heart of the beautiful, picturesque village of Peissy, just a few kilometers outside the city of Geneva. Classic winemaking techniques brought down to fine art, an exceptional terroir and a variety of distinctive wines with personality, have brought the estate international recognition.

Following the company’s rebranding, the next logical step for us, here at Minthical, was to merge together the two former websites – a presentation site and an online shop and provide an overall stylish look and feel. Our main goal was to transform the website from a static information provider to an interactive platform, an attractive multi-functional site. You can read all about the wine, find a distributor, book your visit to the cellar for a tasting, or buy your favorite wine – all in the same place! How cool is that?


Too much information in one place? Wines, just like humans, need space to breathe and open-up. And guess what, so do websites! This is why our mission was to help users quickly and smoothly navigate through loads of content. How? By uniting data effectively – we created a coherent structure, combined texts with graphics and images. Part of our role was to design a solid navigation system, simple and intuitive, that would spark curiosity and challenge the visitor.


What was our next step towards providing the best user experience?
Practice our storytelling skills.
The power to evoke warm feelings is what inspired our creative outlook on crafting a vivid story for the user to connect to. We took an interest into the family’s history, which we chose to represent through a responsive vertical timeline – catchy and easy to scan.

As you read and enjoy this article (hopefully), we raise our glasses to you, dear Reader, and hope you’ll enjoy your favorite beverage surrounded by family and friends you love. Cheers!