an old myth for a brand’s identity

Walk into just about any book store and you’ll see an entire parenting section where child development experts and pediatricians have put out volumes on how to raise a kid. There wouldn’t be so much literature on the subject if there wasn’t a need for it, and that need stem from the fact that parenting isn’t just hard and complicated, it’s outright confusing. There are so many things a newborn and a new mother need the first few days after birth (and even beyond that) that it’s easy to mix them up and forget something or maybe get too much of something, or get something you never needed it in the first place because you already have something else.

To make matters even worse, there is a general social approach that equates the handling of all this with loving your child and being a good parent that even the most simple and understandable mistake can seem like the end of the world.

That is why JoyBAG is a godsent! They had a very simple, yet incredibly useful idea to help the new parents. What they offer is a range packages, or bags to be more precise, containing most of the necessary product a newborn or their mother might need right after birth. A single bag will carry just about everything from diapers, to lotions, to wipes and even a camera to make new memories. What they needed, however, was a logo.

And this is where we came in.

We had to suggest the utility of what they provide but infuse it with a little emotion. Everything does actually come in a bag and it’s even in the name, meaning there was no way around depicting that. So, the crux of the problem was making something as banal as a bag look cute and lovely and suggest that it’s full of baby products.

There is a saying in Romania and many other places that babies are brought by a stork. In fact, this image is used in many cartoons and kids’ books there’s no way you wouldn’t know what it’s about. So, we adapted it. However, instead of a baby, the stork is holding a little bundle of joy, all the loving and caring a baby needs inside a bag.

The colors we chose were purple and turquoise because they are very mainstream in the visual language of the baby care sector but also provide a good, but not too strong contrast, making everything easy to read.

We had different applications in mind, seeing as the logo would be used on everything from products, to business cards or labels and documents, so there are two variants to it to accommodate both horizontal and vertical placement.

All in all, we like to think we gave some love and care to a brand that offers it to those that need it most.