because diagnosis matters

FIND (Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics) is an international non-profit organization based in Geneva that enables the development and delivery of diagnostic tests for poverty-related diseases.
The organization acts as a bridge between experts in technology development and clinical care, reducing barriers to innovation and effective implementation of diagnostic solutions.

Minthical has joined FIND’s mission in highlighting the results of the research conducted.
We put an emphasis on conveying clarity, impact and modernity to express FIND’s unique character.
We worked on developing a series of materials for each cross-cutting theme the organization has dealt with, such as reports prepared for the Regional Stakeholders’ Summit in Jan 2018 or reports presenting the work of FIND Team India. We paid a lot of attention on structure and formatting for a clean layout.
We also prepared digital communication tools for print, such as posters, leaflets or flyers while taking into consideration the branding guidelines and respecting FIND’s warm and humble personality.
All the digital assets we designed, such as key documents, guidelines, or activity reports are free and are available on the organization site because making informed and justifiable decisions should not be taken for granted.

To win over the hearts and minds of your audience, it’s important to present information in visuals that are rich in creativity, conviction and passion. In order to spread the message “Without diagnostics, medicine is blind”, we used visual narratives that reflected FIND’s empathy and respect for the human dignity, as well as its openness to different cultures. We combined form and content and worked closely to provide concision and global availability to all promotional and informational documents.

We continue our journey by sharing FIND’s vision and hoping that our contribution will help improving life for all people. Diversity of people and their ability to act together can save lives!