emotional and ambitious dreams

CONCORDIA Primary School’s main objective is to support and reintegrate children from deficient backgrounds into an independent and autonomous lifestyle. That is a simple enough statement, but when it comes to how to do it, it’s anything but simple.

Studies show that growing in poverty and always wondering about tomorrow, impacts the ability to make long-term plans. In other words, with a poor upbringing these kids become adults who do not have the same capacity to hold a job and integrate into society.

So, how can we truly help? We teach these children responsibility and we give them the necessary tools to sustain themselves – an adequate education. However, in order to be able to provide it, CONCORDIA had to gather funds and get the ball rolling.

There are many social campaigns in Romania battling for attention which leads to people being desensitized to this kind of message. Therefore we needed something that would really punch through.

We looked at how these kids truly differ from normal kids and came to the idea that there’s no such thing as a poor and spoiled child. There is a huge difference between what the two want, what they ask and what they hope to have. That became the central idea of our campaign.

You know how normal kids ask for sweets and toys and sometimes make a fuss about it? Poor children live in a whole different reality and they simply do not have that luxury. What they ask for is instead something most of us take for granted: the possibility of a better future, not have to rely on handouts and ask for pity. With that in mind, all the materials needed came out rather naturally.

It seems people get a little self-conscious when they’re feeling someone else’s gaze even if it’s just a picture, so all the posters and visuals focused on the kids looking you in the eye while they made their simple, yet shocking requests. Due to the lack of any discernable background, the only place to look would be the face of the child and the message.

Human hearing is tolerant, as it becomes accustomed to the surroundings but it still registers changes, so the best way to stand out is to dramatically change the pace. For this reason, the TV and radio clips were void of any background music. Not only would this draw attention immediately, but it creates a strong tension as the kids would stutter a bit until they finally managed to speak and ask for permission.