Unique personalized holidays

A background in luxury hospitality combined with a curious mind bitten by the travel bug – this is the formula Chantal and Max needed in order to take their passion to the next level. Their common goal is to provide a full travel experience, tailored to the client’s specific preferences. What exactly does it mean? Simply put, they ask you to trust them with planning your trip whatever the occasion, the type of accommodation, the itinerary or the means of transportation you may think of. Always on the road, everything is tested and verified so that you are guaranteed a fully pampered getaway, relaxed, problem-free journey through Switzerland’s most breathtaking destinations.

We already know that time is precious and so is human attention. According to a study, the average human attention span is now 8 seconds. If it’s true and you’re still with us, you’ll now read all about the website upgrade we did, following this same principle. We think a website can be a real tool to help you open the door to opportunities, as long as content and design are working together to keep visitors engaged.

Our goal was to develop more than a presentation website, we wanted to create a user-friendly communication platform that would simplify communication, save time and increase efficiency. People scan, don’t read. This is why structure is essential so that customers don’t get lost in a myriad of information. We therefore changed the most important feature of the website, which is the website menu – we created a sticky menu, accessible at all times while scrolling, and then divided the content into fewer sections in order to make it scannable.
What else? We also structured the lengthy batches of text, we used bullets, recognizable icons, simple and powerful textboxes and highlighted important words. So, we managed to change the website look and feel – from a travel blog to a fresh, modern presentation website.

From a more visual point of view, we gave a lot of consideration to developing an outstanding design, responsive and sleek, that would impact the user’s decision to stick around a little bit longer. We used high-quality impactful pictures, we played with fonts and styles to create clearly demarcated sections of the content pages and compartmentalize the available services in the clearest and catchy manner. We didn’t stop here. We also used fresh and contrasting colors, both from an aesthetic point of view as from a functional one of creating data hierarchy.
Furthermore, considering the amount of time people usually spend on travel websites, we wanted to seize the opportunity. We recommended creating an extensive, professional contact form, to help set the premises for the first meeting between the travel agency and the potential client

What does the brand Chantal and Max stand for? It’s all about using their local expertise, passion and eye for detail to help their clients escape the ordinary and give them access to incredible, authentic experiences without spending countless hours on arrangements. Bon voyage!