when technology becomes art and


Biliana K. is a start-up hybrid with an emerging concept of creating and distributing art through technology. It all revolves around one simple question: What is Art in the 21st Century? The answer  is that art is no longer just part of a traditional ecosystem. The Internet of Things is a new universe, home of the new immaterial artwork.

Biliana K. is one of our most interesting clients, a true visionary who challenged us to enter the world of digital art and virtual reality. Our mission on this fabulous quest was designing a website that truly represented the essence of her work.


Another challenge was to create and design exhibition stands for all the art and technology events the artist was invited to.

Based in Geneva, the Bulgarian artist Biliana K. Voden Aboutaam has graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Brera Milan, department of scenography and art history.
Her digital art came to life with the first digital painting made in 2004 and the first digital sculpture made in 2007. How does the ”magic” happen? Through web and mobile apps.

Biliana K’s projects are remarkable, and her work only shows once again the ability of the art to reinvent itself through innovation. We are thrilled  to collaborate with such an innovative and creative artist!