Albini Prassa

high class watches on Social Media

Albini Prassa is a high-end watch seller and main Tissot distributor in Romania. When we undertook the launch campaign for a limited-edition watch there was a significant social media component to support it that soon developed into an overall online communication. The objective was to handle Albini-Prassa’s social media for Tissot and keep it high-end.

Our main consideration was that there is more to luxury and beauty than opulence; it’s about lifestyle and looking good in a natural manner; it’s about a certain mood that we had to capture within the content.

Most watches from Albini Prassa’s portfolio look amazing, so we thought of them not necessarily as the main topic, but more as center pieces to build around. The posts visually focused less on watch features and more on the feeling they gave and the kind of people that would enjoy them, even going further into what else those people might prefer.

If a piece displayed its inner workings and had a general metal look, then it would probably be the perfect companion for someone that enjoys motorcycles; or if a women watch was elegant, yet understated, that would make it the equivalent of the little black dress. We showed just about anything and everything from fashion, to traveling, cars, hobbies, design trends and watch history.

Visually wise, there is a balance that was created between video and static images and as such, a few distinctions were made. When focusing on certain features for the watches, we would use images and carousels, so that people could take their time and observe what we were saying, while posts that implied lifestyle aspects would have video, since the format is better equipped to create a mood.

However, for Săgeata Orientului, the approach was slightly different. The watch has an entire concept behind it that had to be explored so the strategy was separated into a few content pillars. First, we would focus on the story that started a century ago. Second, we focused on the features that made the watch so uniquely special. A third pillar was added to lighten the mood. Since Săgeata Orientului was the first transcontinental airline, we highlighted the changes that it brought to everyday life; the possibility to go from one country to another in just a matter of hours. By using half-and-half images where we contrasted cities like Paris and Istanbul, we achieved a travel feel, thus making lighthearted content.

The content covered more than one platform and there was never just a single post but also Facebook and Instagram stories and reels.