creating possibilities

Abbott is a world leader in infectious disease diagnostics, empowering physicians to make better decisions at the right time.
Abbott is uniquely positioned to promote accurate and rapid diagnostics, foster progress in targeted medicine and create a positive change in the broader medical environment for a more sustainable healthcare.

In terms of communication, one of Abbott’s main goals is to position itself as a strategic leader with a strong, consistent voice and a distinctive message, one that cannot only be heard, but also instantly recognized and remembered.
To support Abbott’s commitment to help provide the best possible patient outcomes, we were tasked with bringing together complex data and turning it into an easy-to-understand, informative piece of content that would raise awareness and engage consumers, employees and communities all across the globe.


To reiterate exactly how important is for people with diabetes to keep believing in their passions and dreams and not be held back in any way by their conditions, project “Dream beyond” came alive, as a source of confidence that inspired us to create signature materials such as pillows, thank you cards or infographics. As a brand driven to make a lasting impact on the world, we made a consistent use of Abbott’s brand elements to establish a proprietary look and create a unitary language. We respected the colour palette, carefully selected for its vitality and energy, the key role white spaces played in rendering clean, open, airy design layouts in order to tell a beautifully coloured, dynamically shot, but above all, authentic story.


To illustrate the continuum of care and highlight all the ways Abbott is investing in the most effective solutions that meet patient needs, we also helped create a map as visual and eye-catching as possible, indicating where FreeStyle Libre (a glucose reading device) is reimbursed across Europe.

Infographics played a role in presenting statistics in a visual manner, striving for simplicity over complexity while splitting the information into smaller chunks.
Following the Abbott guidelines, we developed an interactive infographic telling the story of a typical patient’s HIV journey from testing to diagnosis, to treatment and beyond. Our goal was to raise awareness by employing an out of the box designing, cool, recognizable icons and enhancing navigation for viewers.
In order to elevate and support the message, derived pieces of the infographic were also used on social media as a leverage to illustrate Abbott’s story and drive conversations.
To help tell an overall story, we also worked on creating enticing presentations, consistent, but flexible to fit the conversation and the audience, surveys, program flyers, roll-up banners, conference invitations, badges or personalized notebooks.

What do we learn from such projects? We understand once again the vital role of listening and engaging before acting and how nurturing people’s minds can empower them to make better decisions.