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Release date

January 2020

In 2022 we have decided to spin off part of our business into a separate entity in response to an increased demand to working on various types of design projects that did not fall within our regular and complex brand building offering.

While this was a project for ourselves, we’ve treated it as any other client and went thought the entire brand building process.

Anecdot is the name that we felt best represented the work and the mission of the studio team. Starting from the world we created with Minthical, we knew our spin off had to grow from the current identity in a recognisable way, yet at the same time hold itself up on its own.

An anecdote is a small short yet meaningful story, the building blocks of todays society and cultures all start and live through simple anecdotes. In the visual world dots are the building blocks of all images we see, weather we think of ink on a paper or pixels on a screen a world of possibility starts with a single dot. Anecdot encourages to design, build and make a point