There’s a new bunch in town, have you heard about them? Forget the story of influencers with many thousands or even millions of followers on social networks. Not that this class will cease to exist, on the contrary, but a new niche of online influence arises, much more specific: it is the micro-influencer.

Micro influencers versus macro influencers

With far fewer followers than celebrities and big influencers (something between one thousand and 10 thousands – depending on the region), the micro-influencer is a specialist in small things, someone recognized by something in a particular way, and people follow them and give them a lot of credit to what they say, do, or produce, and so, they became the new online advertising focus!

Because micro-influencers work on a smaller scale and have fewer followers, they deal with more specific niches and produce quality content. They are much closer to their audience, able to answer their questions, therefore, there is the possibility to have a real dialogue with consumers and expose brands and other things in a different way.

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Use the power of micro-influencers to enhance your marketing strategy

If you plan your marketing strategy with some micro influencers, you will then reach a lot of people in the same way of a big influencer but with more quality of engagement and content because most of the mega influencers end up loosing quality content-wise by being more superficial about topics as they have a lot to deal with. This loss of content quality will resonate with the public that won’t feel the same confidence with the big influencer; instead, they feel far and not involved.

The micro influencers marketing trend will come strong within this year and continue to grow through companies and brands. If you check your timeline, you are probably following a micro influencer right now, so stay tuned and think about your strategy! Here’s a list of some top micro influencers all over the world:

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