Contrary to what most companies think, there are a lot of aspects to consider before you can properly present your company. If you are a control freak and want to make sure everything is in order before you launch, you will need to tackle all these before you officially open. However, as we all know, real life is not perfect and you can start to function as a company without ticking all these items off your list.

Just keep them in mind, if you want to make your life easier when you decide to expand and move forward. The following examples are given from our experience with building our own company. Twice!

Marketing and communication tips and tricks

Marketing and communication offers an extended range of possibilities. We will just pinpoint some of the aspects you need to think of and develop to fully create a sustainable business. No matter how long we make this list, there is always room for more.

Traditional marketing needs:

  • Branding (name/logo/stationary/business cards)
  • Marketing collaterals (flyers/brochures/offer documents/presentation templates/infographics/rollups/event materials/)

Digital marketing strategy steps:

  • Creating an attractive and functional website (hosting, domain, copy, design, development, maintenance)
  • Developping a sucessfull SEO strategy
  • Following a clear blog content strategy (taking SEO into consideration)
  • Developping a social media channel strategy
  • Integrating high quality images and videos
  • Using other advertising strategies/tools

We advise you to get an external opinion before taking any major decision. You are usually too involved in your project and will be biased when deciding anything.

marketing tips

Sales tips

  • You will need a sales and account management strategy. These will probably change quite a lot, depending on how the market reacts. We recommend using a CRM to add your contacts, quotes, conversations, so you can easily keep track of all there is. The best is to test for a month a few systems to see which one can really offer you what you need. It is better if you start from the beginning when you have less work just so you get the hang of it.
    • We use Zoho now, but below you will find other good options for small and medium companies.
    • Bitrix24 – we have used this one as well for a while but then gave up sales for some reason J
    • Insightly, good for project management as well
    • Salesforce, perfect if you plan on growing. But they also have a small business area which works very well. Great support as well!
  • For project management we use Basecamp and we are pretty happy with it. It allows us to create different projects, add an unlimited amount of people on them and we also use the chat feature it has integrated. The best part is that it is linked with our emails and we get notifications whenever we have new messages, which makes us very fast and efficient.

What systems do you use? We would like to know if you have any good tips we should consider.

Pictures by Jagoda Wisniewska

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