New year, new us, new clients! This time we would like to talk about Make-a-Wish Switzerland. Many of you have likely heard of the Make-a-Wish Foundation, it’s a phenomenal organisation that helps children with life-threatening diseases. No, they don’t raise money for medicine, instead their mission lies in a very simple question: “if you could have anything, go anywhere, be anything, or do anything, what would you choose?”

With this question, Make-a-Wish brings joy and magic to the lives of children. On a global scale, a wish can mean meeting the president or piloting a helicopter, almost anything is possible. On the Swiss Scale, Make-a-Wish Switzerland‘s efforts mean that Summer got to meet princess Elsa in a private ceremony, and Julia got to meet Roger Federer. Some say laughter is the best medicine; Make-a-Wish takes this to another level.

For Make-a-Wish, we created website banner images as well as social media content. It’s a pleasure to work with just an original organisation and we’re excited to keep working with them.

Make-a-Wish Switzerland Website Banners

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