‘Less is more’ refers to a design principle focused around minimalism as a way of improving user experience. How do we recognize such a website? The main elements of such websites are simple, but elegant color pallets, a simplified user interface and finally a strong emphasis on the story through a strong contrast.
So why use a minimalist interface?

To start with, minimalist design focuses primarily around the content of the website. The purpose of this is to highlight the main key element on the page and to focus on it. The user must also be able to navigate instinctively the page. Examples of this can be seen for the iPhone in the case of Apple. They excel at putting the product in the spot light. Another example for this can be a portfolio album image for a photographer.

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Source: https://www.apple.com

Ok, so we have a minimalist website. What are the benefits?

Now that we have looked at minimalism in website design from an aesthetic point of view, we can turn our head to some more technical elements. These make this web design choice one of the favorites for designers and clients, as they are streamlined in their functionality.

First of all, we would get a faster loading time. A website with less elements will load faster than more complex websites. This reduced waiting time directly improves user experience as a result. People tend to overlook the importance of UX when thinking of the technical side of websites, but the faster you can bring a person to your website, the more likely you will be able to keep him there and engage with your content.

Secondly, as with the growth of the internet connected mobile devices market, mostly composed of smart phones and tablets, more and more people access the internet. Website with a minimalist design excel at adapting between screen sizes for these different devices, while maintaining a similar feel to that of the desktop version. This allows the user to enjoy the same intuitive easy navigation as you would get on your laptop screen.

A few examples of minimalistic websites.

Jagoda Wishiewska

Carlo Barberis



How do you prefer your website?



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