What makes a good logo design? How to design that easily recognizable logo that will help craft a strong visual identity?  If you have already embarked on a brand design journey, I am sure you have asked yourself all the questions above. Logo designing may not seem that difficult, but it is a real challenge for graphic designers. Our design experts have gathered here a few tips that will help you create a great logo.

Get inspired but stay unique

Even if you are a highly creative individual, you will probably turn to some design-centric websites for inspiration (Logo Gala, Dribbble, Behance, Deviantart etc.) That’s OK as long as your logo is unique, sensible and delivers the brand’s message. Of course, nowadays it is difficult to create something that is totally different from anything already out there, but this should be your goal as a designer.

Make sure you understand the brand and its audience

Researching the audience you’re addressing is highly important. Your logo will communicate your brand’s message to its targeted audience, so make sure you understand both your brand’s values and ideology and the targeted audience’s hopes and expectations. For best results, you should be clear about the message you address the audience before you start the creative process.

Choose the right colors

Choosing the right color scheme for a logo design is one of the most important parts in the logo creation process. Colors convey meaning on both conscious and subconscious levels, and designers need to use the power of color psychology to bring meaning and resonance to their designs. Look how big companies use colors to underline their branding message:

Red (used by Coca Cola, Virgin, Red Bull logos) stands for passion, energy, love, but also danger and heat. Green (used for creating the logos for  Starbucks, Lacoste) stands for organic, instructional, growth, freshness, but it’s also widely used for financial products.  Blue is especially used for corporate logos (Braclays, Intel, Blue Sky) because it implies professionalism, integrity and calm.  Multi-colored logos – think of Google, Windows or eBay are usually used by companies offering a wide range of products and services.

No matter what color you choose for a logo, a thorough understanding of color psychology will contribute to your success as a logo designer.

bagel logo

Fonts are important too

When you use a Logotype (like IBM, Coca Cola, Ray Ban and others), avoid strange fonts, use all negative space and think about tweaking an existing font for creating something unique and recognizable. For example, Helvetica has been used for American Apparel, Nars, Target and other big brands’ logos.

Less is more. So let’s keep it simple

When you create a logo, think about how it will be perceived by the future audiences. You want to create something that will still be relevant in 10 or 20 years (think about the logos for Adidas, Nike, Puma, Audi who don’t look dated at all).

Also ask yourself if your logo will look good on all devices and across all social media platforms. In the digital era, a logo must look nice on any background, and work for avatars, apps, icons, and print.

Our team of designers would advise you to create something simple but with a twist. Stick to quality and be ready to evolve your logo when the time comes.

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