Are you a sci fi enthusiast? Even if you are not, you may have heard about films like Terminator, The Matrix or Blade Runner. What is the link between all of them? Artificial Intelligence or shortly put, AI.

AI is here to stay, is on the rise, is the present and the future. According to Spiceworks, an information technology network, 30% of businesses are foreseen to assimilate AI before 2019. AI is already a top priority for big companies such as Google, IBM, Amazon, Microsoft or Apple.

Love it or hate it

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we approach advertising and the only smart move for such a fast-paced environment is to adapt and innovate. Nonetheless, it can prove to be quite disruptive for both consumers and brands. Brands will become competitive. The ones that will manage to anticipate the needs of their customers will be considered the smart ones and the others will risk being left behind.

Information is gold. Automation is power

Technology innovation implies dealing with a lot of data and we sometimes fail to understand it correctly.

The future is about automation and this translates into flexibility. All marketing processes could become more efficient and effective. Why? Because AI has the capacity to process an infinitely larger dataset than any human being ever could. This processing offers statistics that can help predict outcomes and therefore anticipate the needs of customers.

Is AI a threat to the industry?

Agencies should focus on audience planning and use AI driven insights to identify behavioral patterns. Will that help advertisers?

It’s safe to say that they will stop wasting time with repetitive activities and focus even more on the customer – more time for creation and client service. User experience will most probably level up and create relevant brand experiences.

Let’s talk about Paid Search. Think about how much time it takes building and testing campaigns.

What if AI could be able to run a PPC account and boost the effectiveness of all ad formats? It’s not a strange question if we think about Albert, the first fully automated media buyer or about  IBM’s Watson Advertising.

Is copywriting safe?

Recently, e-commerce giant Alibaba launched their new copywriting tool that uses AI technology and can write 20,000 lines of advertising copy per second, setting the length and the tone as wanted. The new tool has already been used by fashion companies Esprit and Dickies. We can even go back to 2015, when M&C Saatchi developed what is said to be the world’s first AI-powered ad.

It’s true, robots can write faster than us, but let’s not forget that they are only scaling human thinking. What if embracing AI could prove beneficial to creativity?

AI is clearly reshaping the digital industry, but the main goal will never change: deliver great experiences to customers. And agencies will continue to do that by using their creativity.

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