And we definitely don’t want to go home!

With a great team, came great projects and a desire to grow bigger and faster every day. With Oles and Oleg joining the team and expanding our client pool and the type of projects, we felt the need to brainstorm and change the way we worked so far. This came natural after three years of being on the market and I guess it followed the expected course of action for any company.

So here we are now. While until now our lives looked a bit like this: projects, client meetings, laughter, panic, new projects, contracts, delivery, team, coffee, meeting, excitement, projects, more coffee, weekends. Things look a bit more different as we have included daily office visits all over Lausanne, preparing thick folders to send to agencies, calls and even more calls. Renting a place in Switzerland is never an easy task, but renting the dream place is extremely time consuming.

It’s time for a bigger place and for our creativity to take its toll and show people what and how we develop ourselves and grow into responsible adults. Well, some of us at least. We are growing and we are loving and enjoying every bit of this.

After a few visits we were lucky to find our ideal place in the city centre as we always wanted.

We have an office now, but no furniture. So say hello to meetings on pillows on the floor. Shisha’s are present too, while we still can.

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Magda is a dreamer & an enthusiastic writer, in love with turquoise and traveling. She dislikes artichokes, is an avid worker and goals achiever, a proud Romanian and a vintage enthusiast.