We made a choice to fight for our beautiful Planet. We don’t beat about the bush, but we have started small and we are trying to get better every day as a company. This is how we are making a difference:


We are now a certified B Corporation™ and constantly doing our best to bring positive change. From our staff and internal operations to contributing to society and the world at large.

We have started in our own home, the office, by providing inclusive compensation and creating an environment of transparency and encouraging employee growth.

We have also taken steps to reduce corporate stationery, encouraging recycling and using energy-efficient lighting and batteries.

Outside of the office, we offer hours of pro-bono work for various NGOs.

We offer all staff paid days of volunteer work for a charity of choice for each employee every year and standing desks and office plants give us the opportunity to keep moving and feel energized throughout the day.

On a larger scale, we are taking part in a global movement and have purchased credits to offset our 2021 carbon footprint. 

We have selected two causes that we feel connected with to contribute towards. The first is the development of wind farms, solar energy, and other sources of clean and renewable energy. Secondly, we have chosen to make contributions to help plant trees across the UK in school areas, helping to educate children and support the habitats of wildlife in the regions.

We are only one company, but with many others like us, we can make an impact that lasts, and we will continue to grow our efforts in the future.