Contrary to what most of you think, there are ways to advertise your business on a tight budget and get results out of it. It all starts with changing the way in which you present your business and the passion you convey through your speech. We have 5 ideas for you to practice daily and you will see how the public opinion around you will change favourably.

1. Share your story

Every time you meet somebody new you have an opportunity to sell your company. Instead of presenting yourself as “I am an entrepreneur” or “I own a small business in…”, why not show your passion from the first sentence and dive down into the core of your business? Explain in one sentence who you are, what you do and show everybody the benefits they can get from networking and then working with you.


2. Engage with your audience online and offline

Be interesting! Attending events and meeting tons of people is always a bore and people rarely remember whom they spoke to. Make sure your audience will never forget you. Be funny or interesting and leave an impression on your spectators. You are certainly going to get more connections which lead into business deals if you will be remembered. At it is free of charge!

3. Help people discover your valuable content

Social media is everywhere and people tend to abuse it nowadays. With all the boosted posts that appear on people’s feeds, it is fairly easy to miss out on a great post you have shared. Focus on sharing great content about your projects, the benefits your clients can have from choosing you instead of the competition and taunt them with all your best work. It will be easier for them to fully understand your business and make the step forward to working with you.

4. Send irresistible offers/vouchers to your targeted customers

We get tons of emails every day and most of these consist of spam messages we never read. We are a nation of consumers and  still show a faint interest in giveaways and discounted items. Try to make them different and not just offer a % discount. Take advantage and make your customers offers they simply cannot resist!

5. Woo your audience and the favour will be returned

Unfortunately, it is all based on networking and favours nowadays (yes, yes, we know – not fair). Unless you are already famous and people come to you for a particular reason you need to push your elbow to be known and get clients. There is of course a big plus if you do a good job and start earning a good name. So, we would advise you to treat others as you wish to be treated, eye for an eye really works in business and you never know when you will need a favour from somebody. Keep that Ace up your sleeve!

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Pictures by Jagoda Wisniewska

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