Last month we participated at the first edition of Content Creators Conference 2019, organized by Biz magazine, and we must confess that we were quite impressed with the stage names. As our usual schedule is quite busy, we decided to be more selective and our choice didn’t disappoint.

Content Creators has the potential of becoming a can’t miss event for marketing and communication specialists, basically, for all professionals working in the art of creating content in all its rich and varied expressions.
The intersection of business and creativity reveals a challenge for all content creators in search of uniqueness. That is why the show brought together super heroes of Instagram and YouTube and some of the most creative influencers, to define what valuable and relevant content means nowadays.

Source: Biz Magazine

The evolution of consumer trends

An interesting topic that really captivated us was the report analyzing new and emerging forms of consumer behavior, a truly valuable insight to market’s key players. How to anticipate the market by perceiving the consumers’ expectations and how they come in line with technology and diversity is the question that Jose Borralho, CEO Consumer Choice Europe tried to answer by identifying the following key themes and trends for the next years:
– Innovation is the key. Sustainability is a duty.
– Do not underestimate the seniors. They have more time and more acquisition experience.
– Technology is omnipresent. Battery and Wi-Fi are the new fundamental needs.
– Flexible businesses, fluid markets.
– You will be the new hero! We are all digital influencers. Be an example for the society.
– People will be far more exigent in terms of their privacy and smart use of time.
– A more solid commitment to ethical principles and transparency.

What is the best paid marketing job?

After other selected guests rocked the stage, we were entertained by the campaign organized by Caroli Foods Group, known as “The best paid job“, that reunited 17 people with experience but also brave newcomers, to come and present their marketing ideas in the most creative competition. An inspired talent detector jury (formed by Cristian China Birta, Alexandru Negrea, Anca Rancea, Alexandra Dimitrie, Mugur Patrascu, Cristian Manafu, Adina Vlad, Tudor Cuciuc, Andrei Canda, Laura Georgescu Baron) listened to their stories and voted the best 5 representations to enter the final race for probably the best paid marketing job in Romania and win 10,000 $ per month for a total period of three months. We had a blast enjoying their crazy, funny and emotional bulks of creation!

Instagram Content – A plea for authenticity

The second half of the event concentrated on Instagram content with tips and tricks for insta-hits.

Laura Nedelschi, Creative Director at Kubis International talked about how authenticity is all about humanizing brands, finding the right tone of voice and stop preaching but instead, start telling a story. When we talk about being human, we should consider also the possibility of making mistakes. It’s your reaction that matters and defines your brand’s character by taking responsibility for human errors and going forward. We should embrace the privilege of having and stating an opinion and brands should not fear that. Here’s an idea! We could start having more positive opinions!

And because when you say Instagram, you automatically mean pictures, professional photographer Alex Galmeanu jumped in and shared his personal approach to visual storytelling. For him, Instagram is like a photo museum and therefore, he compartmentalizes content into themed photographic series such as Sunday selfies or spiral stairs, because consistency and structure are essential.

Ana Morodan, Influencer and Online Entrepreneur, spiced things up with her assertiveness and outgoing personality. Thinking out of the box while being true to one self is her living mantra and what proved to be the key to her success. The audience can feel and detect real emotions from fake, artificial constructs and we should all run from the ordinary and work out the muscles of creativity. People are getting tired of the lack of substance of everybody talking about everything. What they want is some clarity, delimited niches, inspiration, memorable and unrepeatable experiences. Her ultimate advice? Be brave! Be different!

Final thoughts
Content Creators is a great start if you want to embark on a career in content creation as it provides a source of exclusive and forward-looking information to foresee market trends and rethink the creative process.
See you next year!

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