Do you like coffee shops? Like us, you probably do, they are good places for meetings, to work a little, to pass the time and of course to drink coffee and have a nice bite. Sure there are trends for coffee shops too, and you might as well have noticed that.

Coffee shop design trends in 2017

Design-wise you’ve probably seen that most of the coffee shops nowadays are opting for this homemade feel. Simplicity is the key, but it’s not that simple. Clear colors, vintage furniture and logos, industrial touches, wood and metal.

The digital era has a great influence too. We are not talking about having Wi-Fi for you clients, but also a nice website, a very cool Instagram account and why not an App? The way people consume coffee is changing and many coffee shops are creating Apps to engage with their clients, to avoid paper, cards and to do promotions and so on. Some even create or are created through crowdfunding campaigns.

charcoal latte

Coffee shop food trends

Food-wise, you will probably see a lot of comfort food that will make you think of your grandmother, with simple cakes and all. But it is also the era of the Super Food with healthy and seasonal ingredients from local producers: go for açaí bowls, quinoa salads, gluten free cakes, small producers cheeses, beetroot hummus, and avocado toast… But dare to be different and to try! If you are bold you will probably want to try a Charcoal Latte right? Trendy, healthy, experimental and gourmet! It sums up what coffee places try to represent nowadays.

But what is exactly the charcoal latte also know as the black latte? It is a latte made with activated charcoal and it seems to settle the stomach and draws toxins from the body. You might need to drinks lots of water to help the process, but hey, don’t you want to try?

coffee shop trends
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