As we’ve mentioned in a previous article there are many creative ways to advertise on a tight budget. There are a few very important aspects you should keep in mind when you open a new business and begin to advertise on a tight budget. As start-ups have less budget and the little they have can be better off spent somewhere else, we have a few suggestions and strategies to think about before advertising.

1. Look for smart startup business branding ideas

Branding is very important, especially for a new business. You need to be remembered and people must talk about your offers. If you have a catchy name and logo, it will make things easier and you will start getting listed among your competitors and, who knows, if you also do your job well, you will be the chosen one. Branding is important and once it is out, it costs and takes a lot of effort to change it again.

Do some exercises, name 5 competitors in 15 seconds and see what you get.  Why is it that you remembered those names for?

avertising strategies for start-ups

2. Focus on your market (target well)

As a start-up, you will tend to advertise and share ads everywhere you get the chance and whenever you find a cost-effective offer. These might not cost you much, but they will also not bring you too much. You should target a certain market and tailor your ads to them. You will have much more success if you reach people who will really need your services. Spend some time on defining who your target market is and … attack!

 3. Measure and track your advertising actions

It is very normal to try to advertise and find customers in various places. Even though at the beginning there are many other aspects of the business you need to nail down, you should always remember to measure and track all your online marketing campaigns. It will help you in the future to save money by advertising only on the campaigns that really pay off and make sense for your business. Once you create a system, it will be very easy to keep track of all you do.

 4. Attend the right meetings and events

Events are very important for all businesses as the world in which we live in tends to bombard us with a lot of information and our brains give up on us faster than we like. So, refreshing your customer’s memory is vital. Either via digital marketing or simply by attending events. Now, events can be very diverse and extremely tempting. You should really take the time to consider which ones make the most sense for your business. While you are at the beginning, you don’t have time to waste on gatherings that make no sense and won’t bring you anything. Go for gold!

5. Sponsor (or co-sponsor) an event within your niche

We discovered as a company that has rebranded completely after three years of functioning (long story) that organising and sponsoring various events has been the best way to reach a lot of people in a very short amount of time. It of course requires a lot of time, but the results are terrific. We highly recommend it! If not for the sake of having your name up there, consider it at least for the fact that you will be able to just go and talk to people without any excuse and lines prepared. They are there for you!

 6. Reach influencers and develop relationships with them

Another very 2017s preferred strategy to get the name out there fast while reaching a very large audience are influencers. Their work is most of the times exemplary and have managed to reach a very wide and loyal audience. Exactly what you need! Just make sure you select the ones that make more sense for your business and develop a relationship with this influencer. It will aid in the way he/she advertises your product or service. And who doesn’t love to make new friends?

Pictures by Jagoda Wisniewska

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