Design is all over us so here we decided to gather some of the trends for 2017 that will probably be making waves now and in the year to come. So, if you think of starting something new, take a look and be inspired, after all, it doesn’t hurt to be trendy!

Easy labels: If you are creating a new product, a website or something like that, remember to be clear and simple, old school vintage, and give meaningful information; consumers are more and more engaged and they want to know what they are having, where it is coming from. De-branding is the new branding.

2017 design trends
  1. Modern Retro: it’s been there for a while but keep in mind that we are in the 90’s nostalgia now, not that far away… Be minimal, bold and add some color.
  2. Experience and brand stories: people want to have nice experiences and to be engaged by a creative point of views and stories that they feel like they are traveling into.
  3. Short films, motion design, and cinematic gifs: All of these are very much in right now; in a simple and inspiring way. Nice animated or short films are really engaging and are attracting clicks. Motion design also gives meaning to a click and brings dynamism and finally gifs, they are huge for a while but now try cooler ones, the cinematic ones with less movement, focusing in one object or so.
  4. Try bold colors and typography! – Like we said before the 90’s are back, so try to remember the typography trends of the 90’s and our color choices back then… Yes, they were brave and bold, so now we are having them back, but of course with a modern touch, classier and more harmonic if you will.
  5. Take bold cool pictures, take your time, and find a different angle. You know what they say… A good image is worth a thousand words! If you want to dive into much more trends take a look here:
graphic design trends
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